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Re: Pandora Hearts ch. 59 (just got caught up!)


I give you props, Mochizuki-sensei, but at the same time, I seriously hate your fucking guts. Excuse me while I go kill myself now.

[EDIT]: To summarize my mood, have a random music download HERE. Oh, and if you haven't started reading this series yet, you losers, DO IT NOW. Urrrrgh, the mangaka has been trolling the shit out of EVERYONE lately, but the series is so goddamned good that it's worth it. Read it now!
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I have no idea what came over me, but I have a strong urge to watch a lot of Gundam. I'm downloading seasons 1 and 2 of Gundam 00, this whole bigass file of movies/episodes/random CDs of Gundam Seed + Destiny, and I'll probably download Gundam Wing for laughs, too.

Gundams are the SUPERIOR giant robots, Rebecca! Not your Transformers shit. :P

tl;dr I won't be leaving my room for the next few weeks.

[EDIT]: With warmer weather approaching, possibly expect some Lolita photos soon? I've been antsy all winter waiting for a chance to wear this stuff out...
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I've gained 15 lbs! Jesus Christ I need to stop stuffing my fat face! :O I know weight is all relevant and that I don't have to conform to unrealistic body standards yada yada yada but I WILL say that I've graduated from a size Medium to a size Large and I am NOT happy. Since I'M not happy with it (the world I could care less about), I've picked up my exercise regime again and am trying to eat better.

Ugh, I never had to worry about metabolism when I was younger. THE PRICE OF GETTING OLD??? It's just really irritating. I've developed such bad eating habits that it'll be hard watching what I eat and shit.

Anybody else on the friends-list have this problem? Eat like a truck in your teens, have it catch up to you in your twenties? I thought I was safe at LEAST until I was 30, lawl. :P

In other news, have been getting into EGL like CRAZY lately (hence, my weight rage; the super cute EGL brand stuff only comes in like...size 6 equivalent MAXIMUM ;___;). Already bought a lot more stuff than I could reasonably afford, including a dress that I THINK WON'T EVEN FIT BECAUSE OF LOL FAT. I'm going to try and drop some pounds, so when I do, I'll take pictures or something of me all loli-ed up. :D

[EDIT]: Signed up for this crazy salsa dance thing called "Zumba". Seems cardio-intensive, so hopefully I'll just sweat my self-esteem issues away! *thumbs up* Trying to decide how to factor that in to my usual gym workout routine, but for now I'll wait and see how much blood-pumping I get from the class before I make any decisions. First class is tomorrow at 9:30 in the morning, so I'll let you guys know how it went.

[EDIT +]: Should also mention that I'm altering my eating habits a bit. I think quitting carbonated/caffeinated drinks cold turkey is a bit too much for me at this point, so I'm instead trying to cut back: for every 12oz soda (can-size, FYI) I drink, I'm following it with a bottle of water. Same for stuff like a cup of coffee/tea, hot chocolate, Gatorade...

Trying to cut energy drinks and 20oz soda out of my routine entirely. We'll see how that goes. Am also cutting beer/wine/liquor, though it's not like I drank a lot of that in the first place. In terms of food, I don't eat THAT poorly (hardly any fast-food, usually too poor to eat out, etc.), but I do have issues with crappy snack choices. Anybody have any good suggestions?
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Anybody else on the FL excited to hear about this series? I've always felt like the wangst that permeated the second season onward of the television show was a LOT better suited for a graphic novel/anime, and now my DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE. A lot of dicks on 4ch are complaining because the animation style isn't OMFG BISHOUNEN PRETTEH but personally, I like Mad House and whiny fangirls need to STFU. They're already complaining about the animation looking too dark and LOL SERIUZ, but Jesus Christ, don't they remember the source material??? Show was emo as SHIT.

WTFever. Anyway, the point is that I want this and am excitedly waiting for February 23rd. :)

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AAAAAAAAAAAAND I've talked enough about this series for one day, I think. I just started shooting off because honestly, it was sort of HARD to pick a favorite male of the series, just because the series is SO FULL OF PRETTY BISHOUNEN with their own adorable quirks and tragic pasts and funny moments, and............blarg. Honorable mentions go to the rest of the "main cast" (Allen, Lavi, to some extent Krory though he's not exactly "bishounen") for being both interesting enough and good-looking enough for me to slog through the escalating QUALITY~ art and the jumbled plotlines in order to be able to see this series through tot the end.

If you feel like doing me in fan-land, a place where the manga is available to read online can be found here.
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I suppose it's a bit late to be asking when I've already downloaded the first ten episodes, but still. That older-ish looking teenage guy with the silver hair looked pretty FAAAAABULOUS~, so I decided to give the series a try. Good idea y/n?

On a similar shounen note, I've been watching a lot of D.Gray-man lately. I know, like, OLD SERIES IS OOOOOOLD but I really do feel like it's one of the better shounen anime out there storywise (is such a thing even possible?) and I really like a lot of the characters (Lavi, Allen, Krory, MAI HUSBANDO EXCEPT THAT HE'D PROBABLY RATHER DIE BEFORE BECOMING SO KANDA, adorable failure Miranda, etc.). The anime series covers most of the manga to date minus the newest arc about Kanda's backstory and it's only 103 episodes to boot, which means that even people with not a lot of time on their hands could probably get into it. Granted, the anime series has no actual conclusion since the manga isn't finished yet, but it's a nice way to get caught up instead of slogging through 170+ chapters of manga (though episodes 30-ish through 50-ish are awful, AWFUL filler and should die).

Anyway tl;dr that's my anime rec of the day. Allen is an adorable shounen protagonist who uses "boku" and you all should love him. ^_____^ /derp
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Happy New Year, guys!

Feel free to tell me your resolutions here?

I don't have any, because I'm perfect the way I am! *shot* I actually don't have any, just because my goals have always been clear.


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Guess who's...NOT DEAD (ahahahaha lol wtf)

I come bringing glorious news to the 3 people who might still care about my continued existence on Livejournal. I...have...


Armstrong was decent enough to FINALLY service our immediate area, so for $40 a month I am now CONNECTED to you losers again. :P Will maybe post with a longer update tonight/tomorrow-ish, but for now, ENJOY YOUR CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, EVERYONE (lawl).

P.S. Ruka, damn you, I've fallen in love with Durarara!. In the middle of reading the light novels now. Of course, you may no longer be in the fandom, in which case...ehehhehe... *derp*

Am also still loving the crap out of Pandora Hearts. Have any of YOU GUYS gotten into that series yet? D:
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[is it angels? is it devils? I need to be with you]

CONGRATULATIONS, yamikakyuu!!!

From our interactions online, I can safely say that you're one of the sweetest, kindest, most vivacious people I've ever met, and I just KNOW that motherhood will suit you and that you'll suit your baby, because all of the laughter, concern, and advice you've given me over the years are not something to be ignored, nor ever forgotten. I congratulate you wholeheartedly on your blessing, and want you to know that whatever surprises motherhood might have in store for you, that I'll always be here, on LJ, waiting anxiously to read about them.

CONGRATS!!!!!!! (Now where are my pics?!)

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Ugh, this update turned out longer than I expected. GLIMPSE OF WHAT IS TO COME, lol? It's not too late to unadd me from your friend's lists, guys. :P
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[we can build a new temple of today]

Still alive. Spending my days on badbadbathhouse (the Persona 4 anonymous kinkmeme, for the uninitiated), to some middling success, but I haven't been updating any of my fills lately because a.) there's been too much "discussion" and whining over there lately and b.) Resonance of Fate is FUUUUUUN (though I'll be arsed if I actually know what the plot of the story is, even some 20-odd hours in. O.o

Been thinking about getting into Durarara!, since rukawagf squees over it and even the Rundaime dabbled in it briefly before being derailed by the serializations in Shounen Jump. So can anyone with any knowledge tell me...anime or manga? If anime, I'll need to DL it this week at Rebecca's house. Also, are there translations of the light novels anywhere? Is it as incomprehensibly-written as Baccano??? (lol)

Also, good Lord, anyone on my f-list gotten around to playing FF13? Also, Placebo's "Battle for the Sun" album is AWESOME. If anyone wants, I'll up it when I get the chance. ♥

Larger update to come later this week, hopefully, BTW. Some stuff in my life is changing (yet again!), and I'm convinced that for some reason you all actually care about the details. :P